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We all understand now a days people more into electronic, we knows we can share a print guide anytime we have available, but is also very handy if we have alternate electronic resources just a click of your finger.  Share this to your new business partners step by step guide for new associate.

1, AMA - Associate Member Agreement $100

2, Upstart Kit - $25

3, Register on company website - www.MyWFG.com

  •  User name: Agent Code
  • Create Password
4, Study Guide for Licensing - www.examfx.com $50.00
  • Life and Health
  • Follow their recommended step-by-step study review process
  • Set learning Mode to read the explanation for the Final Exam simulation
5, Register for Exam - 2 weeks recommended  $62.00 (L&H)
6, Attend Upstart School at your head office  $0
7, Register for Fingerprints  $45.00 
8, Pass Exam!!!
  •  Finish 3-3-30
After Passing Exam
9, Apply for State License $60
10, Submit approved active license to WFG
11, Complete your EIUL course
12, Complete your Anti-Money Laundering Course (AML) 34.95 (Total Access) 
13, TX 4-Hour Annuity Course
  • www.mywfg.com  -->Tools --> Continuing Education (CE) -->Kaplan Financial Education --> Annuity Course
14, Pay TX Corp. Appointment Fee $10
  •  www.mywfg.com  -->Tools --> Licensing & Training -->Licensing & Appointments --> Appointment & Licensing Credit/Debit Card Payment
15, Appointment with WRL
  • www.mywfg.com  -->Tools --> Licensing & Training -->Licensing & Appointments --> Electronic Appointment Submission
16, Appointment with Transamerica, Pacific Life, Nationwide, ING/VOYA-Application in office
17, Setup Automatic E&O Payments
  •  www.mywfg.com  -->Tools --> Administration & Compliance  -->E&O Payment --> US Manage E&O Recurring - Monthly Payments

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