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The most widely known and played game in the country is "Patintero." Due to its popularity a set of official rules was established. The equipment needed is chalk or paint, scoreboard, whistle, stop watch and powder.

A team is composed of 5 players and a coach. The official of the game is the scorer, timekeeper, and 5 linesmen. The objective of a team is to accumulate as many points by passing the lines without being tagged. A defensive team is called line guard while an offensive team is called the passer.

Rules of the Game

1. The game is started with toss of a coin. Whoever wins becomes the passer.

2. A time limit of two minutes is given to each team to score.

3. Once the limit elapses, the line guards assume the positions of the passer, and vice-versa.

4. Passers are suppose to cross the lines from the starting point and back.

5. Four line guards are positioned on the vertical line and one on the horizontal line of the court. Their feet always be on the line.

6. Line guards tag the passer with powered hands.

7. If any of the passer is tagged, the line guard immediately assumes the position of passer even if the 2-minute limit has not elapsed.

System of Scoring

From Entry Point From Exit Point

First line - 1 pt. Fourth line - 2 pt.

Second line - 2 pts. Third line - 3 pts.

Third line - 2 pts. Second line - 3 pts.

Fourth line - 2 pts. First line - 5 pts. 


The duration of the game is three innings and each inning is divided into halves. 

Here the several videos I found on YouTube it has little different the way it played but is just put little creativeness  of the team player.

Enjoy!  www.youtube.com






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