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Rakuten Cash Back

Rakuten is among my preferred cash back apps. Recently, I received a direct deposit of $413.62 in my PayPal account, thanks to using the app for my regular grocery and Christmas shopping. This significant cash back amount has allowed me to start saving for my next holiday season purchases.

Rakuten Cash Back is a popular rewards program that allows shoppers to earn cash back on their purchases at a wide variety of online retailers. This program is a great way for consumers to save money while shopping for the products they love.

Rakuten is a well-known e-commerce company that partners with thousands of retailers to offer cash back rewards to its members. When a shopper makes a purchase through the Rakuten website or app, they can earn a percentage of their total purchase amount back in the form of cash back.

One of the key benefits of using Rakuten Cash Back is that it is a completely free program to join. Members simply need to sign up for an account and start shopping through the Rakuten platform to start earning cash back on their purchases.

Another advantage of Rakuten Cash Back is the wide variety of retailers that participate in the program. From clothing and electronics to home goods and travel, there are thousands of retailers that offer cash back rewards through Rakuten. This allows members to earn cash back on a wide range of products and services.

Additionally, Rakuten often offers special promotions and bonus cash back events to help members earn even more rewards. These promotions can include increased cash back percentages, bonus cash back on specific purchases, and more. This can help members maximize their savings and earn even more cash back on their purchases.

Overall, Rakuten Cash Back is a valuable rewards program that can help consumers save money on their online purchases. With a wide range of participating retailers and special promotions, Rakuten makes it easy for shoppers to earn cash back on the products they love. Joining Rakuten Cash Back is a smart way to make the most of your online shopping experience and save money in the process.

In addition to providing online cash back opportunities, Rakuten also offers customers the ability to earn cash back while shopping in-store. The screenshot below showcases a few examples of the stores that Rakuten partners with.

Company Overview

Rakuten, the best way to earn Cash Back and find deep discounts when you shop. Since 1997, Rakuten has helped shape the way people shop online. We acquired Ebates in 2014 and have grown to over 12 million members to remain the largest, free member-based savings programs in the U.S. To date, our members have earned over $1 billion in Cash Back.

How does Rakuten work?

Rakuten saves you money by using a simple business model: Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending our members to shop at their websites. Rakuten then splits that commission with you, in the form of Cash Back.

To earn Cash Back:

  1. Join Rakuten: It’s free and only requires an email address and a password.

  2. Start a shopping trip with Rakuten by clicking on one of our links (on our site, in an email or in our mobile app, for example).

  3. You’ll be notified that Cash Back has been activated, and then just shop as you normally would.

And that’s it! Once the store notifies us of your order, Cash Back will be added to your account. Then, every quarter, we send you your Cash Back as a Big Fat Check or PayPal payment.

How is Rakuten different?

Whenever you click through a link to shop at a store (from social media or in promoted search results, for example), it’s likely that store is paying for your click. The difference in shopping with Rakuten is that when stores pay us, we pay you.

Even better:

  • Membership is free.

  • There’s no limit to how much Cash Back you can earn.

  • There are no rebate forms to mail in or points to count—we just send you your Cash Back, no strings attached.

How to Join Rakuten

Joining Rakuten is simple and free. Once you sign up, you can start shopping and earning Cash Back on qualifying purchases.

Creating a Rakuten account

Create a secure account with an email and password. You can also join using your Facebook, or Google or Apple account.

Friend referrals

Love Rakuten? Spread the word of Cash Back with friends and we’ll give a bonus to you and a bonus to them!

If you were referred by a friend, there are two ways to make sure everyone gets their bonus:

  • Use the link that was sent to you by your friend. It’s the easiest way!

  • When prompted to join, select “Did someone refer you?” at the bottom of the form and enter your friend’s email. Your friend’s email must be the one they use for their Rakuten account.

Feel Free use my referral link we both get bonus

How Does Rakuten Work?

Earning Cash Back with Rakuten is simple.

  1. Start at Rakuten and choose a store. You can use our website, mobile app, or browser extension.

  2. Activate Cash Back to start shopping. Once you make an eligible purchase, we’ll add Cash Back to your account.

  3. Get paid! Add your address and get paid via check or PayPal.

That’s all you have to do.

Once a store confirms your purchase with us, we add Cash Back to your account and notify you via email or push notification. The time it takes for Cash Back to be confirmed depends on several factors, including the store, store policy, reporting schedule, exclusions and returns.

We’ll send your first payment as soon as 15 days after your first purchase. After that, we’ll send your Cash Back payment every three months. If there’s any Cash Back pending, we’ll carry it over to your next payment.

Remember, you can only earn Cash Back if you start shopping at Rakuten. If you make a purchase without going through Rakuten, we won't be able to reward you with Cash Back. You can always try our browser extension which will notify you about Cash Back deals when you’re on a website. It’ll even find coupons for you!

How does Rakuten make money?

We know, it seems too good to be true. Here’s the deal: Stores pay us for sending them shoppers. Then we split that money with you as Cash Back. Everyone wins!

When Will I Get Paid?

To get paid, make sure you:

1. Add your address. We use your mailing address to verify your identity (even if you’re getting paid via PayPal or American Express Membership Rewards® Points). On our website, you can add your address in Account Settings. If you’re using the App, go to Account then Choose How to Get Paid.

2. Earn at least $5.01. You need minimum confirmed earnings of $5.01 Cash Back before the next payment date to get paid. Cash Back must be confirmed by the store before the payment date to be included in your check or PayPal payment. If your Cash Back Balance is $5.00 or less, it will carry over to the next payment date.

Getting Paid

You’ll be paid for any confirmed Cash Back, bonuses and other rewards via the payment method you selected (check or PayPal) every three months. The time it takes for Cash Back to be confirmed depends on several factors, including the store, store policy, reporting schedule, exclusions and returns.

Rakuten Payment Dates:

  • February 15

  • May 15

  • August 15

  • November 15

Cash Back Balance

Your Cash Back Balance reflects your current earnings, including both pending and confirmed Cash Back. The time it takes for Cash Back to be confirmed depends on several factors, including the store, store policy, reporting schedule, exclusions and returns. For more details, go to Cash Back Balance.

Remember, your Cash Back, bonuses and other rewards need to be confirmed by the payment date to be included.

Cash Back for Change

Your Big Fat Check can make a big impact! With our Cash Back for Change program, you can donate the change from your quarterly Cash Back payment to our partner nonprofits. All you need to do is opt in to start giving back.


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