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How to renew your Life and  Health Insurance License 

I know the feeling when your first time to renew your license. Even though your family, friends, co worker or people you know had experienced. Is sound is easy when they trying to tell you but when actual you doing it on your own for the first time, still don't really know exactly what to do. Then still looking some instruction how to do it and you end up you are trying hard to figure out what first thing to do, or just hoping there is step by step instruction and everything is on there already and just the click the button but you can't find anywhere.

Will let me tell you this its happen to me and my experienced is lead to do this pages my desires to help other newbies out there to make it easier for you guys!

So I hope this is will help you to get  easier for  your license renewal. 


 WFG Member

Here the simple step by step process for your life and health license renewal. 


  1. Log in www.mywfg.com  Click my business, then click My Lifeline, click Anti-Money Laundering Renewal - US, then click continue will bring you to Kaplan University.
  2. Purchase class if you don't have Anti-Money Laundering Renewal - US. highly recommended purchases the TOTAL ACCESS CE | $29.95
  3. Study and take exam till you passed. When you passed you can print out your certificate for you to keep and incase you needed later, WFG and license agency will get notification. 
  4.  Continuing education hours you need to maintain the license in good standing is 24 hours per 2-year reporting period, including 2 hours in ethics for - More info Q/A www.tdi.texas.gov
  5. If you need to change your info www.nipr.com or www.sircon.com
  6. Renew you License here www.tdi.texas.gov type your info what they looking for then, click Renew License total $55
Note: If you didn't take the class on Kaplan you must submit your certification to  BOSS.  

Back Office Support System (BOSSEliminate the inconvenience of dealing with paper documents and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your data is downloaded into our system quickly and securely. BOSS can be used for the following forms: 

  • Associate & Downline Transfer
  • Associate Only Transfer
  • Authorization for Contract Change
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form (US Only)
  • E&O Termination Request
  • Inactivity Transfer Request
  • MAP Leadership Agreement
  • WFGIA Agent Agreement (Canada Only)


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