Money Saving Apps | Earn Cash Back for Regular Everyday Purchases

We have been introduced to yet MORE opportunities to save through apps we can use on our Smartphone or.. our computer.   

If you didn’t know you could get cash back on nearly every online purchase and in-store purchases too, don’t feel bad–I have lots of friends didn't know this too!

While there are tons of rewards programs around, I want to focus on the programs that give you cash back.  Of all the prizes and rewards available, cash is universal and useful to everyone.  You can get cash back from credit card points, taking surveys, online purchases, grocery shopping, and more.
Online Shopping

Before I buy anything online, I always check to see what cash back is available.  Each site has a different list of online stores that give a cash back incentive.  The cash back percentage varies on different cash back sites, so it’s nice to have an account with all of them to compare the offers, especially if you’re making a larger purchase.  If you make online purchases, get in the habit of going through a cash back site every time.  Every little bit adds up!
A good majority of us have a SmartPhone that we carry around daily – chances are…. you have one or more money saving apps on there. If you carry loyalty cards make sure you register for Key Ring… which will keep your loyalty cards with you on your smart device at all times. 
Rakuten is the cashback site I use most often.  They have over 1,800 online stores to choose from.  They regularly have double cash back specials on popular stores.  The minimum payout is only $5.01.  They payout once a quarter via check or PayPal.  When you sign up and make a $25 purchase, you’ll get a bonus $10 gift card or $5 credit in your Rakuten account. Watch Video
ExtraBux is a little different than other online shopping rebate sites.  You can search by the store or the product.  If you search by the product, you can use their compare tool to compare the prices at stores across the internet and factor in the cashback rebate as you compare prices.  They start you out with $5 when you sign up.  The minimum payout is $10 and is paid through credit card, PayPal or check. Watch Video
Topcashback claims to give the best payout of all cashback sites.  Instead of taking a cut from the commissions that retailers offer, they just earn money from the ads on their site.  They often have “free after cashback” deals when you sign up.  You can get your payout as cash or as an Amazong gift card (you get a 5% bonus with this option). Watch Video
Checkout51 offers cash back on grocery items.  Each Thursday Checkout 51 gives a list of cash back offers that are good through the next Wednesday.  Some are for name brand products, while others are general, like any brand of milk or fresh tomatoes.  After you purchase the items, you take a picture of your receipt and mark the offers included on the receipt.  You’ll receive cash back when your total reaches $20.  Checkout 51 works on a smartphone or on your computer.  You can use regular coupons in conjunction with Checkout 51 cash back.
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Ibotta is a free app for your smartphone or device.  You can see the offers available at over 50 popular retailers.   When you find items you’re going to buy (includes both brand name and generic), you scan the bar code with your phone, then upload a picture of your receipt.  There are other bonus activities you can complete as well.  You can cash out anything over $5 through PayPal or Venmo.  If you prefer a gift card, they’ll do that too.  If you use my link or enter paelgwi when you sign up, you will get a $10 welcome bonus after you redeem your first rebate! Watch video
Tresmore is now available on Android so you can earn even more while you are away from keyboard! Log in and use the full service of our famous receipt rebate and cash back system, check your commission, and update your stores. Not only Tresmore gives you option to use the service on the web, but also now you can upload your receipt on the go while you shop. Watch video


MobiSave.  Each Monday, MobiSave will release up to 85 offers you can take advantage of. Check those that interest you BEFORE you buy – then, make your store purchase (anywhere that provides an itemized receipt) & snap a picture when you get home. Your earnings deposit into Paypal within 24 hours. Watch Video

Fry’s Food Store.  Grab the Fry’s app for iOS or Android to load one-time use digital coupons to your Fry’s card without logging into a computer. You can also score occasional Friday FREEBIES on the app as well – the coupons will not double in value but some are higher value than paper coupons.

Gas Buddy.  Find the cheapest Gas, on the Go. It lets you search for gas prices by city, state and updates in real time. Watch Video

SavingStar.  Allows you to save electronic coupons to your card that you can redeem at your favorite store. Every Friday they have a FREE Offer that can be used to score a FREE item after digital rebate offer. Watch Video

Favado.  One of my favorite apps! You can make your grocery list on your mobile device, search for sale items, and find the lowest price amidst various stores ALL from your SmartPhone. Watch Video

Shopkick.  Earn points (Kicks) for walking into stores, scanning items and buying products. Then redeem those rewards for gift cards & other items. Watch Video

Cartwheel.  This is great if you are a Target shopper. Cartwheel is a Target discount on items that can be paired with BOTH Target and Manufacturer coupons for greater savings in Target stores nationwide. Watch Video

Just 4 U.  This is critical if you are a Safeway shopper. You can find coupons, and grab your weekly personalized prices for Safeway all from your mobile device.

BerryCart. Earn cash rewards for buying healthy food – available for both Android and Apple Devices.

Shopmium. This is similar to iBotta, Checkout51 & BerryCart in that you buy designated items, take a picture of the receipt, and score money back. Unlike the others, you do not have to achieve a balance to receive your payout.


The apps above, in some form or fashion, help me to keep more money in my pocket (or, earn money to keep in my pocket!)

 Note: Some of the links in this post are my referral or affiliate links.


Did you use any of this cashback?

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