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Recipe: Beef Mechado

Preparation time: minutes

Cooking time: 2 hours

Servings: 4


Beef Mechado is a classic Filipino dish known for its succulent beef, rich tomato sauce, and hearty flavors. This recipe combines tender beef chunks with a medley of spices and vegetables, resulting in a comforting and flavorful meal. Follow this detailed recipe to create a delightful Beef Mechado that will surely impress your family and friends.


- 500 grams beef chuck, cut into cubes

- 2 tablespoons soy sauce

- 2 tablespoons calamansi juice or lemon juice

- 3 cloves garlic, minced

- 1 onion, sliced

- 2 tablespoons cooking oil

- 1 red bell pepper, sliced into strips

- 1 green bell pepper, sliced into strips

- 2 medium-sized potatoes, quartered

- 2 medium-sized carrots, sliced into rounds

- 1 cup tomato sauce

- 1 cup beef broth

- 2 bay leaves

- 1 teaspoon sugar

- Salt and pepper to taste


1. In a bowl, combine the beef cubes, soy sauce, and calamansi juice (or lemon juice). Mix well and let it marinate for at least 15 minutes. This step helps to tenderize the beef and infuse it with flavor.

2. In a large pan or Dutch oven, heat the cooking oil over medium heat. Add the minced garlic and sliced onion, sautéing until fragrant and golden brown.

3. Add the marinated beef cubes to the pan and brown them on all sides. This step helps to seal in the juices and enhance the taste of the meat.

4. Once the beef is nicely browned, add the sliced bell peppers, potatoes, and carrots. Stir-fry for a few minutes to lightly cook the vegetables.

5. Pour in the tomato sauce and beef broth, ensuring that the beef and vegetables are well-coated. Add the bay leaves, sugar, salt, and pepper. Stir the mixture gently to incorporate the flavors.

6. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat to low. Cover the pan and let the Beef Mechado simmer for about 1.5 to 2 hours, or until the beef becomes tender and the flavors meld together.

7. Occasionally check the pan, stirring gently to prevent the sauce from sticking to the bottom. Add more beef broth if needed, to maintain a thick and luscious sauce consistency.

8. Once the beef is tender and the vegetables are cooked through, taste and adjust the seasoning according to your preference. You can add more salt, pepper, or sugar, depending on your taste.

9. Remove the bay leaves from the pan before serving. Beef Mechado is traditionally enjoyed with steamed rice, but you can also pair it with crusty bread or noodles.

10. Serve the Beef Mechado hot and garnish with chopped cilantro or parsley, if desired.


- For a richer flavor, you can marinate the beef cubes in soy sauce and calamansi juice (Filipino lime) for about 30 minutes before browning them.

- If you prefer a thicker sauce, you can mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with a little water and add it to the pot during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

- Mechado is often served with a side of steamed vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes. You can add these to the pot during the last 30 minutes of cooking, ensuring they are cooked to your desired tenderness.

Your Beef Mechado is now ready to be savored! Enjoy the delightful combination of tender beef, tangy tomato sauce, and vibrant vegetables in every bite. This classic Filipino dish will surely become a favorite in your culinary

We kindly request that you kindly share your experience and kindly provide any comments, opinions, or suggestions upon trying this recipe. Your valuable feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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