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Top 12 instances of abuse from female partners towards male partners

In this list, we outline some of the most common forms of abuse that male partners may experience from their female counterparts. It is important to recognize and address these behaviors in order to promote healthy and respectful relationships.

1. Verbal abuse: This includes using harsh language, demeaning, insults, or threats to intimidate or degrade a male partner.

2. Emotional abuse: Manipulative behaviors such as guilt-tripping, gaslighting, or controlling actions, belittling a male partner in order to gain power and control over them.

3. Physical abuse: This includes hitting, kicking, slapping, pushing, or any other form of physical harm inflicted by a female onto a male.

4. Financial abuse: This involves controlling a male partner's finances, limiting their access to money, or using money as a means of control.

5. Sexual abuse: Coercing or forcing the male partner into sexual acts against their will.

6. Social abuse: Isolating the male individual from friends and family, controlling their social interactions, or spreading rumors and lies about them, in order to maintain power and control over them.

7. Gaslighting: This involves manipulating a male partner's perception of reality in order to make them doubt their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

8. Threats of harm: This involves using threats of physical, emotional, abandonment or other forms of harm to control or intimidate a male partner.

9. Stalking: This includes unwanted and persistent surveillance or monitoring of a male partner's activities, movements, or communications.

10. Using children: Using children as a means of control or manipulation, such as threatening to take them away or using them to guilt the male partner.

11. Neglect: This can involve failing to provide basic care, support, or attention to the male victim's needs, causing harm or suffering.

12. Digital abuse: Monitoring, controlling, or harassing the male individual through technology, such as constant texting, tracking their activities online, or spreading private information without consent.


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